Supporting vulnerable people seeking asylum during Coronavirus

We’re not able to be in the office, but are still doing everything we can to help destitute people seeking asylum in Scotland

Following advice from NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government, our office and community activities have had to temporarily close until further notice. But we are adapting the way we work and are working remotely from home, doing everything we can to help asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland access vital support.

We are deeply concerned about the impact of social distancing on people seeking asylum in Scotland, who are already isolated and mentally vulnerable and who may become cut off from vital support networks, in some cases with no money or accommodation.

How we’ve adapted in response to Covid 19

Now more than ever, asylum seekers and refugees facing destitution and homelessness in Scotland need our support.

So despite office closures, our Destitution Grants Program is still running, providing critical help at a time when other support networks are no longer open.

The Destitute Asylum Seeker Service partnership which we lead is still operating as well, with telephone -based casework and legal support, and the night shelter now operating from hotel accommodation.

We are also continuing to support homeless asylum seekers in our temporary accommodation with food, toiletries and support with communications.

How you can help

Covid-19 presents unique challenges for us all. For people seeking asylum who are destitute or homeless, your support is a lifeline in this crisis. Can you help us provide those most in need with temporary accommodation, emergency grants and support?

Please give what you can to support destitute people seeking safety in Scotland during Covid 19.

Your old mobile phone might be a lifeline

We may all need to keep a safe distance, but every person still needs to stay connected. Can you help? We are particularly concerned about how social distancing will affect the people we support who may become cut off because they don’t own a smartphone or have access to the internet.

We urgently need smartphones in good working order for the residents at our Destitute Asylum Seeker Service accommodation, so that they can still access vital support by phone. Please email us if you can donate a mobile and we will advise where to send it to. Please send the charger with it, and remember it needs to be unlocked so it can be used by another person.

An update on Wee Welcome and our other community activities

Sadly, we have had to suspend until further notice our community
integration activities, including Wee Welcome – our parent and toddler group. We will be in touch directly with the individuals affected, and will resume as soon as it’s safe to do so.

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