Refugee Voice: “As a volunteer I can help others, also I can improve my language “

The Refugee Survival Trust is able to offer some asylum seekers and refugees the chance to volunteer in our office for a short internship. We always learn so much from our interns and hugely appreciate how they contribute to our work. In this blog, Esther shares the challenges of arriving in Glasgow and the difference that she has made as a volunteer.

“I didn’t know anyone when I came to Glasgow about two months ago….”  

“I am a single mom with my daughter from Iran, I registered my daughter at a local school when we came to Glasgow. 

Since I came to Glasgow I have some problems; I was a teacher in Iran but because I don’t have work permission and I can’t do anything then I became bored.

I am going for worship in a local church, my minister helped me to find a voluntary work at Refugee Survival Trust  which is a good opportunity to be involved with other people.

As a volunteer I can help others, also I can improve my language and I want to do more voluntary work here for RST.

I was invited for talk about refugee’s problems at a church, I did go and I talked about some of my experiences and tried to speak English, I was so nervous, but people were so kind with me and gave me lots of energy and I could manage my stress and it was good and I talked about some of experience which I have in Glasgow and Iran. 

I was so lucky to met kind people at church and I also could met RST’s staff.

Best wishes, Esther” 

Find out more about our internships scheme here.

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