A wheely good day with Bike for Good

I’ve been living in Glasgow since November 2018 and I was lucky enough to attend my first Bike for Good workshop in January 2019.

A photo of our intern riding his bike
Tahmoores tried out lots of different types of bikes during the day!

16 of us were present at the session. Although the weather was rainy in the morning so we could not go outside to ride bikes, we went downstairs and had our rides in the property yard instead. It was a great and exciting experience for me and I was fascinated and got to know plenty of information regarding hiring and renting bikes. I also tried riding electronic, digital bicycles for the first time and as I mentioned it was an amazing experience for me.

There were two people teaching us: Alli took charge of technical issues like how to fix our bicycle in case we would face any difficulties and problem and Nina showed us the theoretical things, like checking the bike paths , directions , how to use apps to get in touch, find activity programmes , tours and so on. She also showed us how to use a map to get around.

Bike for Good is located in the Kelvingrove area and has a big space and yard outside. The ground floor has a reception and the rest is covered by different bikes that was looked incredible.

The first floor is smaller than ground floor. It has two rooms , one conference room where they held their theoretical lectures and the next room is a technical room where they showed us how to deal with our bicycle and its accessories.

At the end of our workshop , we went back to the conference hall and they asked us how Bike for Good can improve their programmes to give better services to people who are keen to use their services.

Thank you Bike for Good for an amazing day!

Tahmoores Kazemi , RST intern

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