Financial Assistance and Asylum Travel Fund

Financial and Asylum Travel Assistance

Crisis support for refugees and people seeking asylum in Scotland

A refugee family supported by the Refugee Survival Trust

Our Financial Assistance programme provides small one-off payments to refugees and people seeking asylum in Scotland who are facing extreme poverty and homelessness. The individuals we support do not receive support from the government or other sources and are at real risk of destitution.

These last resort payments are available to people seeking asylum and refugees for up to six months after they are granted refugee status. This support can be the difference between having somewhere to stay and sleeping rough; eating properly and begging for help. They offer brief respite from shocking hardship and emotional distress.

Our current rate for Financial Assistance is £60 per week per person. People who are eligible can apply for up to two weeks’ support at a time, with a limit of six weeks’ support per applicant per year.

Asylum Travel Fund

Through our Asylum Travel Fund, we provide support for people who cannot afford necessary travel relating to their asylum case (e.g. Home Office interviews, Embassy appointments or court hearings). We can cover the cost of travel to and from appointments and a small subsistence payment for the journey.

How do I apply?

To apply, please get in touch with one of the following organisations with who we work in partnership.  They can also provide you with a range of other services and support.

Financial Assistance Fund

Asylum Travel Fund

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