RST Destitution Grants 2015 – 16

Between April 2015 and march 2016:

  • RST provided 877 destitution grants in 2015-16, supporting 1,199 people.
  • The average grant was £66.89, totalling over £58,000 for the year.
  • On average, RST gave out £4,888 each month in 2015-16.

RST Destitution grants 2015-16_graph 2

Graph to show destitution grants given out each month

[click on graph to enlarge].

Key facts:

  • 75% of lead applicants were male
  • 78% of applicants were single
  • 69% of applicants were aged 16-35
  • 44% of applicants were homeless at the time of their application
  • 13% of applicants had applied to RST for support before

Asylum status:

  • 72 grants to people who were yet to claim asylum
  • 168 grants to people waiting for a decision on their asylum application
  • 179 to people who were in the process of submitting a new application
  • 282 grants to refugees and people with leave to remain.

Dest grants 2015-16_pie chart

Graph to show asylum status of destitution grant recipients 2015-16

[click on graph to enlarge].

Reasons for claim:

  • 393 grants were for ‘essential living expenses’. This included 66 ‘breathing space’ grants for people at the end of the asylum process.
  • 238 grants were for new refugees awaiting mainstream benefits.
  • 168 grants were for travel, over half of which (90) were for travel to Liverpool to submit fresh evidence.

Applications including children:

  • 13% of applications (110) included children. 54 of these families were refugees or had limited leave to remain.
  • RST supported 223 children in total.
  • 39 families (35% of applications with children) had been granted refugee status but were awaiting mainstream benefits.
  • 69 children (from 38 applications) were homeless at the time of the application.


The largest nationality groups were Eritrean (16%), Sudanese (15%), Iranian (12%), Syrian (8%), and Iraqi (7%).

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