Destitution Grants

Destitution_01_fearOur Destitution Grants programme provides small one-off payments to asylum seekers and refugees who do not receive support from the government or other sources and are at real risk of destitution. These last resort grants are available to people seeking asylum and refugees for up to six months after they are granted refugee status. Our grants can be the different between having somewhere to stay and sleeping rough; eating properly and begging for help. They offer brief respite from shocking hardship and emotional distress.

What is the rate of support?

Destitution grant rates are normally £36 per week for adults (just below the current level of government support for asylum seekers – £37.75 per week).

We can also purchase tickets to Croydon and Liverpool for those who cannot afford the necessary travel to apply for asylum or submit further evidence.

How do I apply?

Asylum seekers and refugees who wish to apply for a Destitution Grant should go directly to one of RST’s partners, who also provide a range of other services and support. Our partners are:



Making a real difference to individuals

  • Kasim from Iraq has three young children. He got refugee status, but when his asylum support stopped his wife had not yet received her NI number, so they couldn’t make a joint application for benefits. Their family faced destitution. RST granted £176 until a Scottish Welfare Fund crisis grant was made.
  • Asylum seeker Maimuna had just given birth but was facing destitution, without support for a month due to a Home Office error. RST granted her £50 while a partner organisation worked to regain her support.

RST destitution grants 2015 2017

Grant statistics

In 2016-17 we provided 831 grants to a total value of £72,189. 21% of applications included children, and 38% of applicants were homeless.

Download our latest Destitution Grants statistics

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