One day bus passes

We provide one day bus passes to destitute asylum seekers who need to travel over two miles. The people we support have no access to any Government or other support, such as asylum seekers who are appealing a negative decision.20180228_130718

Something as simple as access to public transport can allow an individual to attend important meetings, go to the food bank or even meet friends; mobility is crucial to the asylum application process and to integration into life in Scotland.

How do I apply?

If you think that you are eligible to receive a bus pass, please contact one of our partners who can arrange for you to receive a one day bus pass for the Greater Glasgow area, or for the Lothians.

Greater Glasgow

Edinburgh and Lothians

More support with transport

We also provide 12 week bus passes for heavily pregnant asylum seekers (and new mothers) and pay for travel costs to Croydon and Liverpool for those who cannot afford to apply for asylum or submit further paperwork

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