February 9, 2019
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Introducing… RST intern Tahmoores


Hi! My name is Tahmoores. I’m Iranian and was born on the 5th April. I have been living in Glasgow since November 2018, staying in Possilpark near the northern part of the city.

Currently, I’m an asylum seeker, who is looking forward to get to know more information about the city, people, atmosphere, job accessibility and so on.

One of the most fascinating things about Glasgow is how easy it is to make friends, and communicating with them. I have not been in other Scottish and English cities, but I like Glasgow and would like to see my future over here if any unexpected thing happen to me. I would like to attend one of the Glasgow Rangers and Celtic FC matches on Celtic park and Ibrox stadium.

February 2, 2019
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Introducing… RST intern Mehdi


My name is Mehdi Jesri, I’m 38 years old and I’m from Iran. I came to Glasgow on the 7th October 2018. I have experience of about 13 years in local network and online network banking. I worked for a big company in Iran (ISC.CO)

I registered my daughter in nursery which was very important for us because my daughter was very sad and she needed go out and see other children. The people of Glasgow are very friendly but the weather is not good for us.

After 5 years in the UK, hopefully I will have a good job and maybe I will study IT skills at university, and I hope that I will have more self-confidence in my speaking skills. I have been working at RST since last month and in that time I entered have entered information onto Excel sheets, worked in the office and read information on the RST site. I hope to improve my English speaking skills at RST and I’d like to meet more people

January 26, 2019
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Introducing…. RST Intern Sare

Hello! My name is Sare. I am a 32 year old Iranian, who has been living in Glasgow for the past eight months. My favourite thing about Glasgow is its beautiful nature; my least favourite is the cold weather. I hope to study at Anniesland College. I decided to study at university and continue my education here so I could find a good job. I need my education so I want to focus on studying just now.

When I was in Iran, I was a coach in a gym. I have yet to exercise since I’ve been in Glasgow. Working for RST is useful for me because it gives me work experience, improves my English and allows me to help refugees. Hopefully, I will have new ideas to help the refugees in the future

January 24, 2019
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Cheerio Rasha! / Could YOU be our next Chair?

After nearly two years as the Chair of RST, Rasha Tindal has stepped down. During her time on the Board RST has been through significant change, faced the highest demand for destitution grants in its 25 year history, and increased its number of staff. Thank you Rasha for all of your support and dedication, and we wish you and your family all of the best with your next challenges!IMG-20170605-WA0008

Rasha’s decision to step down means that we are now searching for a new Chairperson to take her place. Do you have leadership skills and experience of governance and board operations? Do you have the passion to make a difference to some of Scotland’s most vulnerable people? Do you share our vision for all refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland to receive just and respectful treatment and support appropriate to their needs? Can you commit to a minimum period of two years?

Please download the application form and return to info@rst.org.uk; we’ll be delighted to hear from you!

Chairperson Role Description

Chairperson Application Form

In the interim period until a new Chairperson is appointed, existing trustee Mick Patrick will be the acting Chair.

December 20, 2018
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RST raises concerns about Immigration White Paper

The Refugee Survival Trust has raised concerns following the publication of the Government’s draft paper on The UK’s future skills-based Immigration System on Wednesday.

The small Scottish-based charity welcomed a number of the proposals in the White Paper, including the commitment to consider carefully the arguments around allowing asylum seekers to work; the extension of resettlement schemes such as the Vulnerable Person’s Resettlement Programme, and the continuation of government support where needed for asylum seekers in the process of claiming asylum or appealing decisions.

However, the charity, which is the lead partner for the Destitute Asylum Seeker Service, has raised concerns about the proposal to cut those who are Appeal Rights Exhausted (ARE) completely from support.

The White Paper states that “Those who are found not to need protection are refused asylum but have a right of appeal to the independent courts. It is important that once all appeal rights are exhausted, failed asylum seekers are required to leave the UK voluntarily. We are clear that public money should not be used to support illegal migrants, including failed asylum-seekers, who should be preparing to leave the UK.”

Coordinator Zoe Holliday said, “We are very concerned about the pressure that will be put on those who are Appeal Rights Exhausted. There are many reasons why asylum seekers’ claims and appeals are unsuccessful. In many cases it is due to lack of evidence, which can be exceptionally difficult to collect for those who have had to flee their countries. With the support of the DASS project we have cases who have succeeded in re-opening claims and re-entering the asylum system.

“The Destitute Asylum Seeker Service project has shown that there is a real need for comprehensive, integrated support for those who have had their appeals rejected. It is important that people are given the right legal advice, casework and practical support in order to assess whether they are in the position to open a Fresh Claim, or whether they really don’t have a valid claim and need to make a truly voluntary choice to leave the UK.

“The DASS project has helped more than 400 ARE clients over the past 3 years in Scotland, and there will be many other people in similar situations across the UK. To cut off all financial and practical support at an extremely stressful time, and to put pressure on individuals to ‘voluntarily leave’ is not the answer to this extremely complex issue.”

Read the full draft of The UK’s future skills-based Immigration System here.

November 22, 2018
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We are recruiting! Policy and fundraising professionals please apply!

We’re delighted to announce that we are now recruiting for two new positions within our team at the Refugee Survival Trust in Glasgow:

Policy and Research Officer

We’re looking for an experienced, talented and enthusiastic Policy and Research Officer to manage and develop RST’s policy work to enable the organisation to become an effective influencer and strengthen our local, national and UK wide voice in relation to issues affecting asylum seekers and refugees.

The Policy and Research Officer’s main responsibilities will be to:

• Develop an overall research and policy plan for Refugee Survival Trust and co-ordinate implementation of this plan

• Analyse data collected by Refugee Survival Trust Destitution Services, forming a strong evidence base for the organisation

• Contribute towards improving the quality of data held by the Refugee Survival Trust and work collaboratively with partners to share best practice in data recording, collection and analysis

• Respond to consultations, prepare written briefings for politicians, give oral evidence at parliamentary committees, and prepare submissions to Scottish and UK Parliaments and to represent Refugee Survival Trustexternally, and in the media to promote the work of the organisation.

• Prepare research and policy briefings, write letters and manage correspondence, organise and manage meetings and respond to consultations to support RST’s strategy and policy objectives

• Represent RST at external meetings, communicate policy and manage our engagement with external individuals and groups at a local, national and UK wide level

• Build and maintain constructive relationships with policy makers, politicians, regulators and other relevantpublic, private and third sector organisations in order to effectively represent RST’s interests and influencechange for the benefit of asylum seekers and refugees.

• Represent RST’s policy positions and research conclusions in external forums, including internal and external meetings and large and small scale events, including meetings with senior Government officials, partners andstakeholders;

• Identify opportunities for partnership approaches and build and maintain stong, effective working relationships with partners and key decision makers.

Fundraising Development Coordinator

Our new Fundraising Development Coordinator will oversee our fundraising activities and to help to achieve sustainability of the organisation’s programmes and activities, with a particular focus on the Destitution Grants fund.

The Fundraising Development Coordinator’s main responsibilities will be:

• Identifying, generating and growing charitable income for the Destitution Grants fund.

• Developing the Fundraising Strategy in conjunction with the Coordinator, DASS Manager and Board of Trustees.

• Developing the Case for Support in conjunction with the Coordinator and DASS Manager.

• Taking a leading role in defining and implementing new initiatives to achieve sufficient funding and financial sustainability for RST’s programmes and activities.

• Driving the fundraising aspect of achieving financial sustainability for RST’s programmes and core funding, with a specific focus on the Destitution Grants programme and a secondary focus on capacity building opportunities.

• Identifying larger scale, multi-year funding opportunities and leading on the development of these applications.

• Broadening the base of funding sources generating income for RST.

• Managing donor stewardship, including building the number of repeat donors.

• Managing individual donor development, including building the number of regular individual donors.

• Overseeing the management of the funding database of charitable trusts and foundations and grant funders.

• Reviewing and developing funding application process and procedures.

• Supervising and providing guidance to fundraising volunteers.

• Using online giving campaigns and utilising RST’s website and social media channels to promote.

• Managing the organisation of fundraising events and maximising the profile-raising benefits.

• Continuously monitoring and evaluating the results of fundraising activities and identifying any risks to the organisation.


Both vacancies are advertised on goodmoves.com and have a closing date of 12 noon on 5 December

October 24, 2018
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Hi – I am Marcela :)

My name is Marcela. I’m from El Salvador, Central America. MarcelaI’m a volunteer at RST as part of the Office Internship Programme.  I want to learn and share experiences also I want to improve my skills and meet new people. I want to be part of an organisation who help others in need.

October 2, 2018
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HR and Finance professionals: We Need You!

RST BoardAfter many years of dedicated service, our treasurer and the head of our HR subgroup plan to stand down from our Board of Trustees before the end of the year, so we are now looking for enthusiastic individuals with expertise in HR and finance to fill this incredibly important knowledge gap on our board.

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our society? We are looking for enthusiastic board members who have the motivation and time to commit around 6-10 hours per month to help with the management and smooth running of the organisation.

Board meetings take place every 6-8 weeks, alternating between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Read the full role description

If you or someone you know would be interested, please complete the application form and equalities monitoring form and return to info@rst.org.uk.