2021 Winter Appeal ❄️

An appeal by Refugee Survival Trust

It’s winter, it’s cold, it’s more difficult to walk or cycle, it is important not to become isolated. Travel is expensive and the Home Office allowance is not enough to pay for this. For destitute and homeless people who are refugees and/or seeking asylum, everyday living is extremely difficult.

How this will benefit the community

These aren’t just tickets for buses – they are tickets to meet basic needs, safety and companionship for refugees and asylum seekers who are separated from family, need to attend appointments, to travel early in the morning or late at night; they are tickets to comfort for those who face long journeys through Scotland’s notorious winter weather; and they are tickets to integration into the Scottish community, all things that we wish for every human being.

How the funding will be spent
Every pound of your donation will make a huge difference to the people we support and is urgently needed. Please give what you can. Amounts: 

£2.50 pays for a single journey 
£6.30 pays for an all-day ticket  
£11.00 pays for Flexi 5 single journeys 
£21.00 pays for Flexi 10 single journeys 
£56.00 pays for a 4-Week Pass   

Donate here!

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