Stuck in a gap between policy and practicality, people are being left destitute and homeless by a hostile environment and a broken and overly-complex asylum process. They need your help urgently as winter approaches.   
Lockdown brought a brief respite from street homelessness for many people but soon emergency covid accommodation and other temporary measures for destitute people seeking asylum will be stopped. The country is headed out of lockdown and into the recovery phase but what provision is there for people already marginalised and with no safety net?  

What will they do with no right to work and no access to state support? 

RST has delivered effective,practical support for more than twenty years. During lockdown our emergency financial aid supported 975  people from 44 countries in Glasgow alone. We provided the means for people to buy the essential supplies they needed.  We created newservices to meet unprecedented circumstances and forged new networks to reach the people who needed it most.  

Now we are getting ready for the next six months and want be prepared for whatever comes our way.  We are expecting a surge in the number of requests for help from the people we support, requests for emergency grants and for safe shelter.  Cold weather and a possible second wave of Covid-19 will soon be here and we must take urgent action.

RST can anticipate and respond rapidly to emerging crises, but we need your help.

Please donate today.

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