Introducing… RST intern Mehdi


My name is Mehdi Jesri, I’m 38 years old and I’m from Iran. I came to Glasgow on the 7th October 2018. I have experience of about 13 years in local network and online network banking. I worked for a big company in Iran (ISC.CO)

I registered my daughter in nursery which was very important for us because my daughter was very sad and she needed go out and see other children. The people of Glasgow are very friendly but the weather is not good for us.

After 5 years in the UK, hopefully I will have a good job and maybe I will study IT skills at university, and I hope that I will have more self-confidence in my speaking skills. I have been working at RST since last month and in that time I entered have entered information onto Excel sheets, worked in the office and read information on the RST site. I hope to improve my English speaking skills at RST and I’d like to meet more people

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