Veg pledge for asylum seekers

Unfortunately, many people within the UK’s asylum process experience destitution. The Refugee Survival Trust’s Destitute Asylum Seeker Service is a lifeline for these individuals; we provide comprehensive support, including organising accommodation, bus pass vouchers and legal advice to help them to resolve their cases. We are now raising funds for our shopping budget programme, through which we give small amounts of cash to help refugees with their weekly shop.

Fruit & veg

The destitute asylum seekers that we work with have no form of income. We help them to register for the food bank, but the supply of fresh food is limited and variable. We give each asylum seeker £10 per week to buy nutritious essentials such as dairy products and fresh fruit and vegetables.

In a time of great stress and uncertainty, a balanced and nutritious diet is even more important than ever. The shopping budget that we give each asylum seeker can help them to remain as healthy as possible while we work with our partners to help them to resolve their cases and to find routes out of destitution.

Contribute to the veg pledge here, and find out more about our Destitute Asylum Seeker Service here.

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