RST provided over 200 destitution grants between April and June this year

RST’s destitution grants April – June 2016

RST provided 212 destitution grants from April to June 2016, supporting 334 people and totalling £16,278. The average grant was £77. The average monthly spend was £5,426.

Dest grants April - June 16 - graph 1

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 Key facts

  • 73% of lead applicants were male
  • 77% of applicants were single
  • 25% of applicants were homeless at the time of the application.
  • 6% of applicants had applied to RST for support before.

Asylum status

We provided 43 grants to refugees and 16 to people who were yet to claim asylum, (15 of which were for travel). We provided 29 grants to people waiting for a decision on their asylum application and 65 to people who were in the process of submitting a new application.

Dest grants April - June 16 - graph 2

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Reasons for claim

We provided 104 grants for ‘essential living expenses’. This included 17 ‘breathing space’ grants for people at the end of the asylum process. Thirty-nine grants were for new refugees awaiting mainstream benefits. We provided 56 travel grants, 33 of which were for travel to Liverpool to submit fresh evidence.

Dest grants April - June 16 - graph 3

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The largest nationality groups were Eritrean (15.6%), Syrian (11.8%), Iranian (10.8%), Sudanese (9.4%), and Iraqi (6.1%).


Seventeen percent of applications (37) included children. RST supported 88 children in these three months. Twelve of these families were refugees.

Five families had been granted refugee status but were awaiting mainstream benefits. Five further families (17 children) needed support with family reunion.

Nine children (from six applications) were homeless at the time of the application.

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