People’s Stories

Feiven of Eritrea

RST Grant Type : Destitution

Feiven arrived in the UK in 2010, after leaving Eritrea and crossing Africa and Europe by lorry. She made her asylum claim …

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Nabil of Iraq

RST Grant Type : Destitution

Nabil and his wife Layla claimed asylum in 2010, but were refused. They were evicted from their Home Office accommodation …

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Ishaq of Sudan

RST Grant Type : Destitution

Ishaq* arrived in Scotland fleeing persecution in Sudan. He sought sanctuary in Scotland, but his asylum claim was …

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Renée of Gambia

RST Grant Type : Destitution

Renée was granted refugee status in London, but her husband threatened to have their baby daughter circumcised, so Renée …

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Dariush of Iran

RST Grant Type : Destitution

While Dariush was waiting for his asylum claim to be processed, he received accommodation and cash support from the Home Office.

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