Access to Education and Employment Grants

Access to Employment and Education (A to EE) grants are made to refugees and asylum seekers who need a small amount of money to help them access education or employment.

Grant applicants have used their grants to enrol in college, cover transport costs, buy books for university courses and to retake qualifications from their home country, that are not currently recognised in the UK.

Who is eligible?

A to EE Grants are only available to refugees and asylum seekers living in Scotland. If you are an asylum seeker or refugee living in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, please look at our links page to find information, advice and support agencies in your area.

A to EE grants are only provided when no other support is available.

How do I apply?

RST is currently working with the following partners who refer eligible clients to RST. Grants take up to 5 working days to be approved.