Raising Awareness

RST runs a volunteer talks program with the aim of raising awareness of the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland with a particular focus on destitution.

This is a program which links schools, community groups and organisations with trained RST volunteers who will deliver an engaging and informative talk or workshop. One of our amazing Talks Ambassadors will:

  • Provide clear facts about the asylum process and the reasons people make the journey to the UK, and the issues facing them once they arrive.
  • Challenge stereotypes and provoke discussion and learning about immigration, refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Share information about the work RST does and how this impacts on people’s lives.
  • Provide a human perspective on what can be done to support refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland.

Volunteers have access to a bank of materials so can tailor the talks to your needs – we have lots of great resources for getting people talking and thinking about the issues, as well as Powerpoint presentations with up-to-date information and statistics.

An RST talk is a way to learn about the personal stories of asylum that are often obscured by political rhetoric and media hype.

If you would be interested in hosting a talk please get in touch with Katherine at volunteer_coordinator@rst.org.uk