Nabil Case


Age: Unknown
From: Iraq
Other: Married
Grant Type: Destitution
Nabil and his wife Layla claimed asylum in 2010, but were refused. They were evicted from their Home Office accommodation while they were preparing an appeal. Layla needed ongoing medical treatment due to gynecological problems which had left her weakened and in pain. A housing charity managed to find them accommodation, but there was a gap between being evicted and being re-housed. The couple faced living destitute on the streets while they waited for more evidence from Iraq to support their appeal, at a time when Layla was particularly vulnerable. At this point RST helped Nabila and Layla with a destitution grant of £160. This money supported them in a time of great difficulty, enabling them to focus on Layla’s recovery and to gather the evidence they needed to submit to the Home Office. Nabil and Layla are now in new accommodation and awaiting the outcome of the judicial review of their asylum claim.