Ishaq Of Sudan


Age: Unknown
From: Sudan
Other: Single
Grant Type: Destitution
Ishaq* arrived in Scotland fleeing persecution in Sudan. He sought sanctuary in Scotland, but his asylum claim was refused. Ishaq was left homeless and without access to money. He slept on the streets, in the mosque and on friends’ floors. After two years of terrible uncertainty, and six months of destitution, the Government changed its position and Ishaq was finally recognised as a refugee and allowed to remain in Scotland. RST was able to help Ishaq with a small destitution grant of £40 to buy food when he was penniless. Even this small amount of money meant a lot to Ishaq: it meant that he did not have to rely entirely on friends who were also asylum seekers with no access to money, and that he could keep on hoping that “... one day I would get another house or maybe one day my case would be accepted.”

* Name changed.